Friday, February 03, 2006

I have been asked to explain what I want to do and how I will do it.

Declaration of Values

Jack Arce and the Your Cross Ministries is evangelism for the new millennium. A combination of backpack journalism, narrative story-telling and the Internet, designed to reach a global audience hungry for information.

My mission and Goals
My mission is to cover religious and environmental persecution around the world by providing a clear idea of the causes, costs, and victims of each of theses struggles and the world wide impact. With attentive reporting I will try to establish Your Cross Ministries as a forum for truthful information and participation. People will not only learn about the extent of world persecution, But will help to seek out ways to be part of the solutions through conversation, debate, and avenues for action.
How will I do it
I will be aggressive in the pursuit of the people of religious persecution. I will put a human face to their testimonies. I will pursue the stories of persecution large or small, and when these stories are strung together they will illustrate a more complete picture.
Using still cameras and high-definition video, I will deliver stories using a multimedia approach of text, photography, video, audio, and interactive chat.
As freelance journalist I will travel solo and will seek the story a vigorously. I will apply to my work the an ethical code of conduct outlined by the Society of Professional Journalists:

* To seek and report the truth.
* To minimize harm.
* To act independently.
* To be accountable.

I will also add my own criteria to my work that will make me more accountable:

· I will strive to experience the lives of the people I am covering including the dangers they're exposed to from government, disease, and hardship.

· I will not always agree with the people I am interviewing. However I will make every effort to understand their positions and report them with clarity, so that my audience may understand their situation and perspectives.

· I will be honest and true of both my failure and successes. I well open the door on my perspective and technological process. I refuse to spread the myths of the perfect Christian, and journalist.

· My site will contain links to organizations that are working to aid victims of persecution and assist in peaceful resolutions.

*To define religious and environmental persecution

Religious persecution is the mistreatment of individuals within a religious group. In which they struggle to maintain their religious identity. They struggle with the abuse of power by an individual, organization or government that causes members of a religious group to suffer…

Environmental persecution has many problems. Most often these problems are disease, poverty, and ecological problems. These ecological problems may include high and cold temperatures, and water, and air pollutants…

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

first post

I hope to post my thoghts on the bible and other ideas on my mind. I hope to keep others up to date on what I am doing and where I hope to go. I will keep others up to date on prayer requests. talk to all later.